Thursday, September 16, 2010

New to the Blog Block!

Ok, so I have never blogged before. I am starting this blog for several reasons, but mainly to share my experience as a new mom. Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes, cuase I know I will make A LOT. Or maybe someone can offer some advice -because I need a ton!

Our first baby was born on August 16, 2010. She is the most incredible little girl I have ever met. My husband and I had been married 5 years and 2 weeks when she was born. She has added so much to our lives already, and we know there's only more to come as she gets older.

We are amazed at how much she changes each and every day. We have even started taking pictures of her daily so that we can see this change. Today is her one month birthday! In the past week she has started slapping at the little toys that hang from her carseat and bouncy chair. She's also started making more sounds, almost like she's talking to her toys. She is awake a little more, but still sleeps most of the day. When she is awake, she is very alert and focused -expecially if you are talking to her.

Well, that's all for now -I'm going to work on getting my background to show up and setting up my "gadgets" through blogger... let's see what happens!

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